Texture is an often-misunderstood concept in the world of interior design. Many believe that a room can only gain texture by way of soft furnishings, but that really isn’t the case. Certainly, reupholstering your sofa, or buying brand new curtains, will give a different textural appeal to a room, but it doesn’t have to stop there, and it doesn’t have to cost you as much as that either.

In order to shed some light onto the topic of texture, we thought we’d give you a few pointers so that you can put a little feel back into your room – without the need for a wheelbarrow full of cash to achieve it!

1) Textures do not have to be purely tactile

They can be visual too. While you may desire the look of Shoreditch loft with crumbling brickwork, for many of us this simply is a feasible option when looking to change things up on the cheap. So, why not add visual texture instead? Photographs of interesting textures can work extremely well, especially when shot close up and beautifully framed. For an extra frugal option, why not give it the personal touch by taking the pictures yourself? Not only will your room gain a visual texture to break up the space, it will also provide you with a talking point too. 

2) Use tactile textures as artwork

Contemporary furniture, especially beautiful Scandinavian furniture, relies on quite a minimalist look, so heavily textured items, such as curtains, can often clash and leave them room feeling a little out of whack. One way to avoid this yet still add texture is to incorporate some smaller pieces of textured material as artwork around your home. Not only will this allow you to have multiple textures in one space, it is also a far less expensive option too.

3) Mix old with the new

Using both old and new furniture together can add a degree of texture to a room that would otherwise be difficult to attain. Mid century furniture nestled amongst modern dining tables and coffee tables can bring and entirely different feel to a room. You could even try and find a previously owned sideboard that may be a little rough around the edges to sit next to your sleek and sophisticated Scandinavian furniture. The contrast can work wonders in the right room.

4) Look for textured throws and things

Other items that can work extremely well are textured items such as throws for your sofa or woven baskets for that hard to fill corner. Again, these items can be expensive when bought new, but why should that stop you from having them? Local thrift or charity stores can be a goldmine for pieces such as these and their slightly worn look can bring character to an otherwise stark space. Just be certain to wash anything before you use it and you are good to go.