scandinavian furniture

Some rooms are bigger challenges than others, and those with little to no wall space can prove to be the trickiest of them all. Loft rooms, open plan rooms, and rooms with floor to ceiling windows present problems that simply wouldn’t exist in a standard layout.

However, while it may be tricky to come up with a solution, it is far from impossible. There are some golden rules that you can follow in order to give your awkward space that homely appeal. Ready to get started? Let’s go: 

1) Centralise

When dealing with the triangular shaped room that often occurs in loft conversions, you really don’t have a lot of space to play with. The centre of the room naturally becomes the focal point, so you need to make the best use of that area that you possibly can.

Scandinavian furniture is ideal here, as the minimalist look will avoid the feeling of the room being cluttered when placed centrally in a room. Go for contemporary furniture pieces that are raised from the floor on thin legs to give an elegant, almost floating-like, quality to the room. 

2) Use whatever you have at your disposal

When faced with a lack of wall space it can be difficult to inject personality into the décor of the room. The inability to hang pictures is often one of the biggest obstacles faced by interior designers in such spaces, but many fail to realise that there is one spot that can still transform the room – the ceiling.

Why not try a geometric design on the ceiling rather than simply painting it white? Turning the room around by doing this and keeping the small walls white instead can have a dramatic impact on how that awkward room looks.

3) Light right

Another way to overcome the inability to hang pictures is to make your lighting fixture the centrepiece instead. Go big, go elaborate, but keep the rest of the room minimal with sleek sideboards or classic coffee tables.

4) Be space savvy

If wall space is at a premium then it is vitally important that you make the most of what you do have at your disposal. Living rooms can prove to be especially tricky, thanks mainly to the television set. 

However, you can do away with the TV without doing away with the TV! Why not try a ceiling mounted overhead projector instead? Pull down screens can be left up whilst not in use, allowing you to use the wall space for something entirely different than simply mounting a television.

5) Hang around

Another way to negate the need for wall space is to go vertical. Exemplified in the lofts of Brooklyn, this neat trick can really transform a difficult room. Try hanging your pot plants instead of having them against the wall, or maybe even create double-sided picture frames in order to give certain parts of the room its own character.

Get creative with your rooms and you can make the most of anywhere, regardless of apparent obstacles in your way.