We believe that your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary where you're free to relax and get away from the pressures and stress of everyday life. Like lots of us, do you struggle to find peace and relaxation in your bedroom? Make your bedroom your personal refuge with these helpful design and decorating tips:

Invest in a quality duvet and mattress

If the biggest thing you want to get from your bedroom is a good night’s sleep every night, be prepared to invest in an excellent mattress, duvet and pillows. Mattress choice is an extremely personal one, and there are so many sizes and levels of firmness to choose from, so you musn’t take the decision lightly.

Goose and duck down pillows and duvets are traditionally perceived as the height of luxury and comfort, but that’s not strictly the case today. Department stores and specialist home interiors stores have a vast amount of options today, covering all requirements and budgets.

A comfortable bed is the foundation of a bedroom; once you have this in place it’s time to play with the design, colour, and dynamics of your bedroom.

four poster bed


Step away from the bright lights
Having too much or too little lighting can be one of the main culprits spoiling your relaxation. Energy saving low wattage bulbs aren't only good for the environment, but they're perfect for keeping your bedside lamp to a level that won't keep you awake or on edge. Blackout blinds are a clever way to control the light and make sure that you aren't disturbed by street or car lights from outside, and they're widely available today, from as low key or as quirky as you'd like. If you're one to watch TV on an evening before you go to sleep, make sure the TV isn't too bright and it's at a comfortable viewing height. Craned necks and sore eyes are no good for stress prevention!

designer styled bedroom with leather bed 

A place for everything, and everything in its place
Our next point depends on how you like to organise your room. Lots of us feel happier and more content when our bedrooms and homes are tidy and chaos free, and some of us thrive in more untidy habitats. If you're prefer a tidy room, make things easier for yourself by making sure that everything has a place, that the items you access the most are in the easiest places to access.

For every storage issue, there's a clever solution no matter the shape and size of your bedroom. If you're really struggling, speak to an interior designer who will help you to manage your space better and help you achieve a calmer atmosphere in your bedroom.


Most importantly, be yourself
Don’t forget to add a touch of your own personality. Above everything else, if you want a room where you can put your feet up and let go of your troubles, it needs to be a place where you enjoy spending time. Be brave, don’t shy away from your own tastes, and go for the colours and textures that inspire and excite you.

yellow and grey contrast colour bedroom