Sitting down to eat a meal with your nearest and dearest can be one of the most pleasurable experiences we have. It’s an opportunity to pause our busy days, eat some good food, and come together to enjoy each other’s company. Quite often we find ourselves eating on the go, a breakfast on the bus, a sandwich at our desks, or dinner on our knee in front of the TV so we should take the time to sit around the table and enjoy a meal with our loved ones.


Josef dining table 1.2m


Of course, there can be obstacles that prevent this from happening, and not having the right kind of dining table can be one of them. If you’re about to invest in some dining furniture, here are the top tips to consider to ensure you get the best for you and your home.

Oral dining table, white

Do you go for something classic, retro, contemporary or country cottage? Well there are so many choices but you need to make the one that’s right for you. Choose a table that fits your style, a look that you like, not something that a magazine is telling you to have. If you want to mix a highly modern piece like our Oral Dining Table inside your Victorian home then that’s fine. Take a moment to research and identify styles that you love and make a moodboard to help you visualise how it will look in your home.

Ryder oval extendable dining table, black


Now this bit is really important. Measure, and then measure again. You need to ensure the table isn’t too big that it won’t fit, but not too small that it appears lost in the room, or won’t accommodate your family or friends. Our Ryder Oval extendable table offers the perfect solution, being compact but also easily extended to allow dinner with a bigger party.

But the main thing to consider here, is the seating. You need to allow enough space for people to comfortably get in to and out of their chair. It’s not good if they hit a wall when trying to leave (quite literally), so make sure you have enough room around the table too.


Conan oval dining table, cocoa


Do consider if you want your new table to be around in your home for years to come. Is it a piece of furniture that you hope will carry forward memories of incredible dinner parties, Christmas lunches and family gatherings? If so, then you need something of good quality that will stand the test of time. Good quality and longevity go hand in hand, so buy the best you can afford at the time if you want it to last. Pieces like our Conan Dining Table are made from kiln dried Malaysian oak and designed to last you for many years (as well as being incredibly beautiful to look at of course).

Your dining table should be a piece of furniture that you adore. A piece that you take from home to home through the years, and maybe even pass on to your children. It should evoke warm and comforting memories of time shared with loved ones, enjoying incredible meals, playing family board games, kids doing homework and so much more. We do hope our tips for purchasing your next dining table help you make the right choice.