Naturally, our minds will look for one part of the room to focus on. This might be the biggest piece of furniture, the most obscure artwork, or a bold and bright light fitting. As interior designers, even if we are just redecorating our own home, this is our opportunity to play with each element in our rooms and tie them all together with a feature wall; our piece de resistance. 

More importantly than following a trend, you must be 100 percent sure that you can make your feature wall work for you. Feature walls are certainly experiencing a wave of popularity at the moment, but that does not mean that they are limited to the confines of ultra modern and contemporary homes.

A large, blank wall is an incredible opportunity to bring your more creative ideas into any room of the house. The idea of a feature wall is that you can make a focal point out of an entire wall, or lighten up one wall with cool artwork. 

Living rooms are the usual suspects for adding a feature wall to. They lend themselves easily to the option because they are often the largest open spaces in the home, they usually have a straightforward layout, and we spend a lot of time and so we're more willing to invest time and resources into getting the design of our living rooms absolutely perfect for us.

A feature wall is your chance to experiment, push your boundaries and make sure your feature colour is something that you like, and something that complements your home.

If you want to paint a feature wall, tester pots should become your best friend. It's a way to test the waters of a colour before you commit. Deeper hues will add intimacy and closeness to larger rooms, bright colours will add fun and modernity to cream and white based rooms, and red will add a flash of passion to a bedroom without overpowering you. A feature wall can also be a middle ground between you and your children, giving them one wall of the garish, bright colours they had their eyes on, and allowing you to keep your home at the top of the style list. 

An alternative to paint and block colours is to add wood panelling or stone cladding as a feature wall. Let it take over an entire wall, and bring a large slice of the the great outdoors into your home. The benefit of natural materials is that their colours are usually muted and transitional, which gives you extra flexibility with design. If the durability and practical element of natural cladding scares you, wood and stone patterned wallpaper is easily available on the high street and online. 

With any feature wall, the key is to make sure that it works for you. An entire wall of colour adds a an entirely new element to your room and can change the design atmosphere quite dramatically. What works for one person, won't always transcend into our own homes, so be prepared to play around with mood boards, tester pots and your imagination until you find the correct solution for you and your family.