It’s true that fashions come back around every few decades, so let’s talk about our current favourite ‘recycled’ trend: geometric shapes.

Geometric pattern rug in living room

A few years ago geometric shapes weren’t for the faint-hearted, and certainly weren’t a heavy feature in many of our living rooms. Maybe ‘shabby chic’ has had its day and we’re all desperate to decorate our homes with cleaner lines and bolder colours?

There’s an aspiring architect in all of us, and although we have the dreams, unfortunately we don’t always have the means to modernise the shape of our homes. Geometric patterns inside our homes mean that we can bring those sharper lines, block colours, and repetitive patterns into our favourite rooms without knocking down walls.

If you prefer simple patterns that blend well and are easy on the eye, opt for tessellating patterns – a symmetric pattern made up of the same shape repeated again and again. Or if you’re brave enough for a more dramatic feel, go for an irregular pattern that on the surface requires a bit more focus and attention.

Geometric pattern armchair in living roomGeometric pattern cushion on chair - living room furniture

The fun of geometric shapes is that the size and effect can vary dramatically. Smaller, metallic, and dark patterns will help achieve a Gatsby-esque Art Deco style, and larger patterns with brighter colours take us back to the mid-century.

If you haven’t experimented with geometrical shapes and patterns in your living area before, you may need to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. That's where the magic happens! Start small by mixing up your cushions, ornaments and artwork, or keep the colours pastel and muted. To step things up a notch, go for with a feature wall, boldly shaped furniture and neons.

Geometric pattern cushion on bed furniture

Be brave, and don’t forget to trawl Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.