It’s incredible just how set in our ways we can become. So many of us move into an empty shell, make a decision, and stick with it. We put our coffee table in one spot, our dining room furniture in another, and that’s that – forever!

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, rearranging our rooms every once in a while can be beneficial in quite a few ways; some of which you’d probably never even thought of. So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the reasons why we should all reconsider our rooms:

1) Change is good

Mixing things up every now and then can make a lot of difference to how we feel about a space, and how we feel about ourselves. Even the smallest of changes can make us feel different and keep things interesting. 

By changing our homes around we are giving our brains a fresh perspective on an area that is familiar to us. This can be great for mental health and can also prove to be a starting point for greater changes in our lives. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

2) Rearranging makes cleaning a doddle

When was the last time you cleaned and vacuumed underneath your sofa or bed? How about the TV stand? Heavy and cumbersome objects get left, it’s pretty much a fact of life, but when you change things around there’s no excuses.

Shifting those awkward pieces of furniture can be a headache, but you will always feel better once you know that there is nothing lurking beneath or behind them!

3) Let there be light

Natural light is great, and a vital component of a bright and airy home. However, it isn’t friendly to everything. Furniture can suffer if exposed to natural light for too long and colour changes can occur. By moving your living room furniture around or changing your dining tables position, you are giving it a chance to even up those dark and light spots.

4) It’s fabulous for flooring

Moving your furniture around has another hidden benefit – it will extend the life of your flooring. Carpet will benefit from the redirection of foot traffic, and you’ll also be able to get rid of those ugly carpet dents if you move your stuff around regularly too. Simply place a couple of ice cubes in each and gently fluff up with a stiff brush to return your flooring to a fantastic state.

Even wooden floors will get a longer lifespan thanks to a little rearranging. Scuffs and scratches happen, regardless of how careful you are, but by moving your furniture around you can hide a multitude of sins. This will make the whole room appear fresher, and it’ll save you from getting the varnish out for another year or so!

If you feel as though things are getting a little stale around your home, why not give rearranging a try? It really can make a huge difference to both the way your home looks and the way you feel, too.